What are Wissota Late Models?

Wissota Late Models are full bodied race cars and are the top of the line in terms of speed and technology. The rules package allows for a very sleek body design and wide Hoosier racing tires. Under the hood most Wissota Late Model drivers have roughly 360 cubic inch engines with 600 or more horsepower. Those who choose to can also run an engine with up to 410 cubic inches along with a carburetor restrictor plate. The Late Models have generous spoilers coming off the rear deck of the car and you’ll often see them coming off the turns with their left front tire raised in the air. The chassis are highly unable and very sensitive to adjustments. In the Wissota region, many of the Late Model racers burn methanol rather than gasoline. In many regions of North America, Dirt Late Models are the Premier racing division.

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